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PREEVA RDH air handling unit
PREEVA RDH air handling unit
PREEVA air curtain application


The Reznor PREEVA is a new generation of air handlers capable of heating, cooling, ventilation and ‘free cooling’, with filtration.

All units are manufactured from modular sections that are assembled in the factory. This allows for an easy selection of all possibilities, such as air mixing, filtration, cooling coils and heat recovery.

Heating Range ( kW )

Cooling Range ( kW )

Airflow Range ( m3/h )

Heating Efficiency at full load ( Net )

Standard features

  • Natural gas
  • Spark ignition
  • One stage burner
  • Heating section
  • Ventilation section
  • SDH: Heat exchanger in titanium stabilized aluminized steel
  • RDH: Heat exchanger in stainless steel AISI 409
  • Air inlet at back
  • Air outlet at front

Optional features

  • Cooling section with DX-coil or chilled water
  • Air mixing and filtration section
  • Panel filters G4
  • Bag Filters G4 to F7
  • Water separator on intake **
  • Downturn outlet section **
  • Roofcurb **
  • Heat exchanger stainless steel AISI 409
  • Propane or natural gas conversion kit
  • GM44 signal conditioner
  • 2-stage burner control for natural gas or propane
  • Modulating burner control for natural gas or propane
  • Control relays 230 V or 24 V for burner reset /flame failure
  • Energymizor control panel
  • Destratification thermostat for energy saving
  • Room thermostat with integrated controls
  • Clock thermostat one- or two stage
  • 2-stage duct thermostat minimal or maximal outlet temperature
  • Duct sensor for Energymizor
  • E, J or E/J-regulation
  • 30° or 60° discharge nozzle *
  • Vertical installation with 4-way diffuser grill, standard louvres or Smitsair diffusers*
  • Vertical louvres *
  • Insulation

* model SDH only
** model RDH only

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PREEVA air handling unit brochure
PREEVA gas fired air handling unit brochure English
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Product overview brochure Reznor , English
Product overview brochure of Reznor in English
for Europe and export markets with 50 Hz utility frequency, but excluding UK and North-America, which have their own product range and product overview brochures.
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Technical Data
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Technical Data

PREEVA specifications
PREEVA specifications. Description for architects and engineers
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Complete manual Carel English
Complete manual Carel
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Quickstart manual Carel English
Quickstart manual Carel English
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The Reznor brand PREEVA air handling units for heating, ventilation and cooling can be installed indoors or outdoors. An optional cooling coil allows the application of a chiller, condensing unit or even a heat pump. Heat recovery is one of the many other energy saving possibilities.

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Case Study : Year round comfort for sustainable Quick restaurants

Quick is a chain of Belgian fast food restaurants who are currently redesigning their restaurants to become more sustainable, reducing energy use. This concept requires high efficiency heating and air conditioning as well as heat recovery. It should come as no surprise that Reznor's PREEVA air handling units were selected to give the end user year round heating and cooling comfort at the highest efficiency.

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