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High Efficiency Heat Pump (3 - 5 Ton) 14 SEER

 The JT4BE Series of heat pumps offers exceptional performance. The unit, when combined with our engineered coils or air handlers, offers a full line of quality, split system cooling and heating equipment. Units are ideally sized for slab or rooftop mounting in single, multifamily, and light commercial applications.

Heating Range ( MBH )

Cooling Range ( MBH )

Heating Efficiency at full load ( HSPF )

Cooling Efficiency ( EER )

Standard Features

  • Durable, attractive cabinet designed using galvanized steel with a polyester urethane finish. THe finish passes 950 hours of salt spray per ASTM Std. B117.
  • Composite base pan absorbs sound and is corrosion resistant. Composite is also stronger and lighter than steel.
  • All-Aluminum Coils: provide high corrosion resistance.
  • Permanently lubricated motor: a heavy duty PSC motor for long lasting reliability and quiet operation. Requires no maintenance and is completely protected from rain and snow.
  • Full Service Valves - These brass valves are easily accessible and simplify servicing of refrigeration system.
  • Removable top grille assembly allows ease of service from top without disconnecting fan motor leads
  • Liquid line filter drier included with unit (field installed)
  • One piece top/orifice designed for maximum airflow and quiet operation
  • High pressure switch protects against abnormally high system pressures. Auto reset feature prevents nuisance service visits.
  • Common suction service port allows the contractor to read the suction pressure in all modes of operation without removing any panels, saving time and increasing serviceability
  • Five minute restart time delay: when the unit shuts down, a five minute delay keeps the unit from restarting, eliminating the highest cause for compressor failure
  • Suction accumulator and crankcase heater protect from liquid flood back and future compressor failures
  • Hot gas muffler reduces compressor noise and vibration
  • Easy compressor and control access: designed to make servicing easier for the contractor, access panels are provided to all controls and the compressor from the side of the unit
  • Complete metal wrapper protects the unit coil from being damaged

Optional Features - Factory Installed

  • Voltage and phase options
    • 208/230-60-3
    • 460-60-3

Optional Features - Field Installed

  • Start assist kit
  • Snow stand kit
  • Outdoor thermostat
  • Time delay relay
  • Low ambient kit
  • Low pressure kit

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Light Commercial Marketing Catalog
Light Commercial HVAC Equiment Marketing Catalog
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Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & VRF Product Line
Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & VRF Product Line Sheet
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Technical Data
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Technical Data

Tech Spec - JT4BE
Description, options, & dimensions for Model JT4BE
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Unit Installation Manual - JT4BD
Installation manual for Model JT4BD
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Parts Manual - Model JT4BD 460-3
Model JT4BD 460-3ph parts manual
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Option - Installation - Indoor Fan Delay - JT4BD
Indoor fan delay kit installation instructions for Model JT4BD
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Option - Installation - Hard Start - Light Commercial
Universal hard start kit installation instructions for Models JS4BD, JT4BD, P6SD, DF6SF, R8GD, R6GF, R8HE
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Parts Manual - Model JT4BD - 208/230-3
Model JT4BD 2/8/230-3ph parts manual
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Option - Installation - Outdoor Thermostat - Light Commercial
Outdoor thermostat kit installation instruction for Models JT4BD, P6SD, Q6SD, R6GD, & R8GD
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Option - Installation - Snow Stand - JT4BD
Snow stand kit installation instructions for Model JT4BD
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User's Manual - JT4BD
User's manual for Model JT4BD
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Wiring Diagram - Model JT4BD 208/230V
Model JT4BD 208/230 - 3 phase units typical wiring diagram
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Field Service - Replacement of Discontinued Relays
Installation for kits designed to replace relays no longer available from suppliers. Applies to all Reznor units using obsolete relays.
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Other Files
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Other Files

Warranty Statement
Reznor equipment limited warranty statement
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