14 SEER Packaged Heat Pump, 2 - 5 Tons

The Q6SE Series packaged units are high efficiency self contained cooling and heating units that can be installed on a roof or on a slab. The convertible unit design makes installations simple in all applications. Units are ETL and ETLc listed.

Heating Range ( MBH )

Cooling Range ( Ton )

Airflow Range ( CFM )

Heating Efficiency ( HSPF )

Cooling Efficiency ( SEER )

Standard Features

  • Copeland Compressor: State of the art scroll compressor is standard equipment.
  • Quiet Operation and Low Vibration: Swept-wing fan blade combined with custom Venturi condenser fan.
  • Wire guard coated with Earth Friendly Epoxy and plastic mesh hail guard: A guard that will never rust and protects the units coil from being damaged.
  • Copper Tube / Aluminum Fin Coils: Both indoor and outdoor coils are designed to optimize heat transfer, minimize size and cost, and increase durability and reliability.
  • Designed using Galvanized Steel: with a polyester urethane coat finish. The 950 hour salt spray finish is 1.5 mil thick and resists corrosion 50% better than comparable units.
  • Permanently Lubricated Condenser Motor: A heavy duty PSC motor for long lasting reliability and quiet operation. Requires no maintenance and is completely protected from rain and snow.
  • Thermostatic Expansion Valves: Factory installed externally equalized thermostatic expansion valves provides precise refrigerant control under varying load conditions.
  • Hi Pressure Switch: Ensures long compressor life.
  • Externally Accessible Service Ports: Quick access to refrigeration system.
  • Liquid Line Filter Driers: Factory installed at a convenient location for service.
  • Bi-Flow Liquid Line Filter/Drier: Insures clean and dry refrigeration system (three phase units).
  • Suction Accumulator: Protection from liquid flood back and future compressor failures.
  • Low voltage Transformer: Includes 3 Amp fuse to protect low voltage circuit.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Drain Pan: Quickly drains away evaporator condensate.
  • Energy Efficient: Brushless DC (ECM) Blower Motor.
  • Demand Defrost Standard: Provides additional energy savings in heating by defrosting only when necessary.
  • Five Minute Restart Time Delay: When the unit shuts down, a 5 minute delay keeps the unit from restarting, eliminating the highest cause for compressor failure.
  • Heavy-Gauge, Full Perimeter Base Rails: Facilitates forklift handling and curb mounting.
  • Convertible Air Delivery: Horizontal or downflow to accommodate rooftop or horizontal applications.
  • Easy Compressor and Control Access: Designed to make servicing easier for the contractor, access panels are provided to all controls and the compressor from the side of the unit.
  • Easy access: to the evaporator coil for cleaning and general maintenance.
  • Removable Top Grille Assembly: Allows ease of service to the fan motor.
  • Duct Flanges: reduce installation costs.
  • Proven, Industry Standard Components: Easier service and availability.
  • Crankcase Heater: Prevents damaging flooded starts and future compressor failures.
  • Low Pressure Switch: Protects against loss of refrigerantcharge.
  • Time Temperature Defrost: A reliable, industry standard control offers various time settings to meet any type climate.
  • Compact Footprint: Easy to handle and transport.
  • Factory Installed Filter Rack: Capable of 1" or 2" filters.

Optional Features - Factory Installed

  • Electric heating section (5 -20 kW)
  • 208/230-60-1 voltage and phase

Optional Features - Field Installed

  • Roof curb (8", 14", 18", or 24")
  • Supply/return transition
  • Concentric diffuser
  • Manual or motorized fresh air damper
  • Economizer
  • Power exhaust
  • Hood type hail guard
  • smoke detector
  • Low ambient kit
  • Universal hard start kit
  • Skirt trim kit
  • Outdoor thermostat
  • Freezestat
  • Duct adapter
  • CO2 sensor control

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Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & VRF Product Line
Heating, Cooling, Ventilation & VRF Product Line Sheet
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Technical Data
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Technical Data

Tech Spec - Q6SE
Description, options, dimensions for Model Q6SE
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Unit Instalation Manual - Q6SE
Installation manual for Model Q6SE
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Option - Installation - Horiz. Economizer
Hotizontal economizer installation instructions for 2-5 ton Large Package Units (AC, HP or Gas Electric)
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Field Service - Replacement of Discontinued Relays
Installation for kits designed to replace relays no longer available from suppliers. Applies to all Reznor units using obsolete relays.
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Other Files
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Other Files

Warranty Statement
Reznor equipment limited warranty statement
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