Reznor's EMC electric cabinet heater offers a wide range of power ratings, voltage and control options. Most installations benefit from the heater's customization advantages. The heater can be recessed, mounted on the floor, wall or ceiling and is avaliable in four sizes. For greater comfort, it is highly recommended that a wall mounted thermostat be used.

Verwarmingscapaciteit ( kW )

Luchtdebiet ( CFM )



  • Standard: white


  • Epoxy/Polyester powder paint


  • 18-gauge steel
  • An extruded aluminum bar grille prevents insertion of foreign objects
  • Field changeable air inlet and outlet
  • High-limit temperature control with automatic reset
  • 240V control circuit included


  • Direct drive, variable speed squirrel-cage fan operating at 50 dBA at high speed (Std)
  • Fan delay
  • 240V/208V factory-lubricated motor (1/15 HP)

Heating element

  • Durable tubular heating element with fins


  • Wide range of control options


  • Multi-position mounting (surface, semi-recessed, recessed)
  • Maximum recommended installation height: 10 ft. (3 m)


  • 1-year warranty against defects.

Factory Installed Options

Supply Voltage/Phase

  • 208/1, 208/3, 240/1, 240/3, 277/1, 347/1, 480/1, 480/3, 600/1, 600/3

Cabinet Color (Lead Times May Be Increased for Colors Other than White)

  • Almond
  • Metallic Silver
  • Bronze
  • Metalic Charcoal
  • Textured Black
  • Beige-Grey
  • Aluminum
  • Special Color SPEC Call for quote (volume order only)

Control Voltage

  • 208V, 240VA STD
  • 24V with Transformer

Unit Mounted Switches

  • On/Off (Summer Shutdown)
  • Switch On/Auto Fan Switch
  • Hi/Low Fan/Heat Switch

Fresh Air Inlet

  • with Manual Damper
  • with Motorized Damper

Disconnect Switch

  • 600V, Three Pole, 40A
  • 600V, Three Pole, 80A


  • Branch Circuit Fusing
  • Manual High Limit
  • Internal Tamperproof Thermostat 1-Stage

Field Installed Options (Shipped Separately)

  • Wall Mounted Thermostat Single-pole, low-voltage thermostat
  • Single-pole, single-stage thermostat
  • 24V Control Relay Kit Without transformer
  • 24V relay with transformer

Filters (Wall Mounted Units Only)

  • Standard
  • Washable


  • Unit-Base - 2 inch sub-base for wall-mounted units
  • Color Matched Trim Options
  • Recessed trim kit
  • Smooth finish back plate

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