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RHC  heating coils further extend the posibilities of Reznor heating solutions. Thanks to different available tube lengths and an unrivalled flexibility, the RHC finds its place in air handling units such as the RP and the RA. They also go directly into duct systems, single or combined.

With the RHC you can easily replace hot water and steam coils to make the conversion from a central boiler plant to decentralized gas fired heating.

What's more, in the UK these Reznor RHC units are eligible for the Enhanced Capital Allowances scheme.

Heating Range ( kW )

Airflow Range ( m3/h )

Heating Efficiency ( Net )

Standard features

The coils can be mounted in groups of two or three in series and two high or side by side, enabling capacities up to 1 200 kW.

Both the 4000 and 8000 are suitable for indoor (DJL ) or outdoor (RJL ) applications.

Optional features

  • Application flexibility- Units can accomodate both vertical and horizontal airflows
  • Choice of controls- Close temperature control - on/off, high/low or modulating
  • Longer life- Heat exhanger tubes are expanded into a collection box, eliminating welds.
  • Stainless or aluminized steel tubes
  • Simple installation means low cost
  • Different tube lenghts for any air handling unit or duct system

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RHC and RHCE gas fired heating coils brochure
RHC and RHCE gas fired heating coils brochure, English
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Product overview brochure Reznor , English
Product overview brochure of Reznor in English
for Europe and export markets with 50 Hz utility frequency, but excluding UK and North-America, which have their own product range and product overview brochures.
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Productoverzicht brochure Nederlands
Productoverzicht brochure Nederlands
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RHC8000M DJL--RJL__1110, Nederlands, Nederland en België
RHC8000M DJL--RJL__1110, Nederlands, Nederland en België
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