Introducing the RHeco condensing unit heater. 100% efficiency at full load, 109% at partial load. ErP 2021 Ready with very low CO and NOx emissions

January 1st, 2018, the Eco-design directive came into effect. Find out more here.

The new generation of unit heaters with the highest seasonal efficiency on the market!

Office buildings have a heating and cooling requirement to maintain comfort levels at all times.

Exhibition halls and convention centres have many zone conditioning challenges, from loading docks to large open areas.

Large sports facilities need both comfort heating as well as fresh air ventilation for a healthy environment.

For over 125 years, Reznor has been developing, manufacturing and delivering the best industrial and commercial gas fired HVAC equipment all over the world.

Reznor offers a wide range of solutions for distribution warehouses from full comfort heating to frost protection or air rotation for 24 hour low temperature operations.

Food & Beverage manufacturing, fast food restaurants etc. Reznor products come through for you.