Duct Furnaces / Gas Heating Coils

Duct Furnaces for space heating applications. Very well suited for the following:

  • Warehouses & Distribution Centers
  • Providing Factories with additional heat
  • Install in ductwork of Restaurant Kitchens supplying replacement air for exhaust hoods
  • Combine with a Blower Cabinet for a Custom Heating (& cooling) solution
  • Install in ductwork for additional heat after a renovation or space addition
  • Comes in Separated Combustion for dusty, dirty environments

Reznor gas fired heating coils are designed for inclusion in air handling units to provide a high efficiency gas fired heating section. They may also be used for replacing steam and hot water coils in existing units and plenum systems to enable changeover from central boiler plant to decentralised gas fired systems.

The units also provide an ideal heating module for installation in ductwork systems for HVAC installations and a variety of industrial applications including drying and curing.