Products Destratification Maximizor (Discontinued)


Maximizor 9001 destratification fan
Maximizor 9001 destratification fan
Maximizor 4501
Maximizor 3001
Maximizor 2101


Reznor’s Maximizor destratification fans successfully prevent stratification in high buildings.

They are intended for use in commercial and industrial premises, where they provide additional air circulation, improving environmental comfort.

Temperature differences in high buildings of up to  20°C are not unheard of! The Maximizor redistributes warm air from the top of the building more evenly. This increases comfort for staff on the floor level and helps control your operational costs.

Airflow Range ( m3/h )

Models 4501 and 9001

  • Corrosion resistant cylindrical casing
  • Axial fan with protective  cover
  • Adjustable louvres
  • Thermostat to prevent cold air draughts
  • Eye bolts for suspension


Models 2101 and 3001

  • The Maximizor 2101 and 3001 are designed for lower spaces.
  • Corrosion resistant square casing, suitable for heights between 3 and 10 meters.


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Product overview brochure Reznor , English
Product overview brochure of Reznor in English
for Europe and export markets with 50 Hz utility frequency, but excluding UK and North-America, which have their own product range and product overview brochures.
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Technical Data
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Technical Data

Maximizor specifications
Maximizor specifications. A description for architects and engineers.
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Maximizor Lastenheft
Maximizor Lastenheft. Eine Beschreibung z.B. für Architekte und Ingenieure
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Case Study : 9-Month Payback on Reznor Warm Air Heating System

Unipart invested in Reznor's XD400 and XB400 gas-fired warm air heaters and Maximizor recirculation fans to ensure significant gain in relation to running efficiencies. The system provided comfortable working temperatures and achieved energy savings of 35% per year.


Case Study : Reznor is the Right Medicine for Manesty

Manesty demanded specific requirements of the new heating system needed in their new premises; Reznor's warm air heating system answered all the requirements with ease, providing even heat coverage with constant comfort temperatures and having ultimate control and flexibility.