Продукты LCSC


LCSC gas fired suspended warm air heaters utilise a tubular heat exchanger to provide a simple low cost heating solution suitable for all standard industrial and commercial heating applications.

LCSC fan-assisted balanced flue units incorporate an integral flue gas exhaust fan to induce combustion air mechanically from outside the building. This same fan then exhausts the products of combustion back to the outdoor atmosphere. A single balanced flue terminal provides a combined air inlet and flue outlet.
Units are CE certified as either balanced flue appliances or fan assisted flue units, where combustion air is drawn from the heated space.
Each unit is fitted as standard with a high capacity centrifugal fan for ducted applications. The units can also be provided with fully adjustable curved blade horizontal discharge louvres.

Model Range

The LCSC Series gas fired heaters are available in six sizes, with heat outputs ranging from 22kW to 95kW, for use on natural gas or LPG (to special order).

Features & Benefits
  • High thermal efficiency – above 91% net, resulting in lower running costs
  • Multi-try ignition system for enhanced reliability
  • Dual limit stats for additional safety.
Heat Exchanger
Tubular aluminised steel heat exchanger complete with multiple in-shot burners. 
Air Distribution
A high capacity centrifugal fan is fitted to all units for improved air distribution. The fan operation is controlled by an integral controller which delays fan start-up until the heat exchanger has reached operating temperature and continues to run after the burner has switched off until all the useful heat has been dissipated.
Enhanced Safety & Reliability
To ensure safe automatic operation, each unit is fitted as standard with comprehensive safety controls. Ignition is controlled and monitored from a multi-try electronic sequence controller and gas safety shut-off valve. A differential pressure switch shuts off the burners if either the flue or combustion air supply is obstructed or the flue exhaust fan fails. A limit thermostat protects the unit from overheating and a second higher limit thermostat is fitted to provide dual safety control.


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