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Model YDHA space conditioning unit provides superior control of high volumes of outside air in a packaged DX system design. The model’s feature set allows it to properly condition upward to 50% outside air while maintaining space temperature and humidity conditions. The unit’s blower system incorporates superior energy efficient blower design with variable speed control to balance and control the airflow as needed. The DX system maximizes efficiency with the use of digital scroll technology, ECM condenser fans and optimized coil designs. The DX system exceeds ASHRAE standard 90.1 requirements. Model YDHA includes the Tcore3 condensing heat technology. Tcore3 condensing gas heating system maintains greater than 90% efficiency throughout the modulated control range. The system features state of the art stand alone control system that further maximizes energy use while maintaining space temperature condition.

Wärmeleistung ( MBH )

Kälteleistung ( MBH )

Luftvolumenstrom ( CFM )

Wirkungsgrad bei Vollast ( Bruto )

Supply & Exhaust Fan

  • 750 - 10,500 SCFM Direct drive backward incline plenum fan
  • High external static pressure capability
  • Factory installed ABB variable frequency drive
  • Easy CFM verification for all fans

Mechanical Cooling

  • R410A refrigerant (environmentally friendly)
  • High efficiency digital scroll technology 10-100% capacity control
  • Fully interlaced coils
  • Compressor anti-cycle programming
  • Mechanical gauge connections
  • High & low pressure switches
  • Crank case heaters
  • Anti-rust, dual sloped condensate drain pan
  • Froststat, all circuits

Gas Heating

  • Natural gas or propane furnace
  • Patented Tcore3 combustion control (patent # 8,113,269)
  • High capacity heat for colder climates
  • Minimum 80% thermal efficiency (Std)
  • 409 stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Failure/alarm diagnostics

Electric Heat

  • High capacity heat for colder climates
  • Failure/alarm diagnostics


  • Double wall foam panel construction – R12
  • Hinged access doors with slam latches
  • G90 Galvanized Steel Substrate, 60 Gloss Finish
  • Convenient single door access panel for all controls, heating, and cooling sections)
  • 4 point bottom lifting
  • 4” pleated MERV 8 filters
  • Vertical discharge, roof or pad mounting
  • Full perimeter curbs


  • Single point power connections
  • Isolated high voltage compartment
  • ABB patented high voltage management system
  • DDC unit controller output
  • LED status
  • Unit mounted display
  • Easy unit & sequence configuration
  • Unit alarm logging and retrieval
  • Unit sensor and command values trending for retrieval
  • Easy unit functional test mode

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