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ACR recessed air curtain
ACR recessed air curtain


Reznor's ACR recessed air curtains offer a discreet alternative for commercial premises.

The ACR series  provides a powerful downflow of heated air to create comfortable conditions for customers and staff.

They are available in sizes between 1,2 and 2 m. They are heated electrically or by hot water and come in standard and high capacities between 6 and 18 kW.

ACR air curtains are ideal for hotels, restaurants, shops and showrooms.

Capacità di riscaldamento ( kW )

Campo di portata d'aria ( m3/h )

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Product overview brochure Reznor , English
Product overview brochure of Reznor in English
for Europe and export markets with 50 Hz utility frequency, but excluding UK and North-America, which have their own product range and product overview brochures.
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