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The BT range are gas fired radiants that can heat a single workstation, a zone or an entire building. Radiants do not heat or displace air. Infrared radiation from the emitter tubes passes air inertly and transforms into heat only when it comes into contact with solid masses such as walls, floors or persons.

BT radiant heaters distinguish themselves by features that improve durability, ease of installation and ease of maintenance. What's more, with its cutting edge burner and reflector technology the efficiency of the BT radiant heaters is taken up to 73%.

Advantages for the occupants of the building:

BT radiant heaters give heat comfort even in buildings with open doorways or other causes of air infiltration. In addition, they cause no movement of air or dust and operate quietly (35 dB). Since radiation is direct, the desired temperature is reached immediately.

Advantages for the owner and installer:

BT radiant heaters can reduce energy consumption by up to 50% compared to conventional air heating systems. No energy is lost in transfer mediums such as air or water. Stratification - the loss of rising heated air to the ceiling - is avoided.
These radiant heaters are easy to install and service thanks to the improved accessibility to the components. There are different configurations to fit any requirement regarding space, desired efficiency and flue type.

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Wirkungsgrad bei Vollast ( Bruto )

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Model range

  • Compact U-shaped (BT) or long (BTL) emitter tubes
  • Standard efficiency versions (BT, BTL) and high efficiency versions (BTH2R, BTLH2R) with supplementary reflectors that redirect dispersed heat downwards.
  • Natural gas or propane fired
  • Flue types:
    • directly into the air, depending on local norms
    • individual flue
    • collective flue
    • balanced flue system for roof or wall


  • heating capacity 16,5 to 45 kW
  • 3,8 to 16 m long
  • radiation efficiency up to 73%
  • Venturi burner with long centered flame and electronic ignition
  • extraction fan motor with double cooling on ball bearings
  • primary reflector: polished aluminized steel with double cycloidal profile
  • optional secondary reflector: black steel with folds to optimise the reflector surface for better dispersion, with above it 40 mm thick high density insulation in a metal casing

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